Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jayden Reece Rohroff

Jayden Reece Rohroff, My beautiful son who graced the world with his presence at 05.23 on the 1st of January 2008. And boy has he changed our lives <3

Sometimes things unexpected happen in your life that may throw you a bit but what is life without a few curveballs.

To be honest Karl and I werent sure if we would be able to handle the responsibilty and maturity that came along with being parents. That all changed the moment I felt Jayden kick...We knew that as all new parents you learn along the way and we couldnt be happier that this little miracle is in our lives and turning 4 in 4 months time :)

Im not going to say - Yes all you young girls go out and fall pregnant - NO! Everyones circumstances are different... We were lucky that we had family and friends that supported us and have since then made it so much easier to raise a child.

Parenting is hard! There is no sugar coated way to put it. There are days when you wake up and you are tired, feeling gross, havent had 3 minutes alone and just feel crappy. But thats NORMAL! Kids WILL drive you nuts, say innappropriate things at the wrong time (Believe me its happend - Right Anel?:) ), Throw tantrums and make a mess of your house :) But the benefits out way the little crazy things.

I LOVE being a mom - To have someone that loves you the way Jayden loves me is INCREDIBLE! He's random acts of kindness make my heart melt. Just last night while he was sleeping he turned around and said "Love you mom". When you are a mom its the tiny things that make you so happy.

Thank you Jayden for making me the person I am today - I may not be perfect but Im sure as hell alot better than I was <3

I love you so much my jaydee <3

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