Wednesday, 14 September 2011

21 Things most people dont know about me

1: I have died my hair every colour under the sun - Blonde, Red, Black, Brown - You name it - I've done it :)

2: I have never liked my name - No - one can spell it, Prounance it or ever remember it...

3: I get a geniune satisfaction out of making people laugh - Im strange that way!

4: I love to dance! I dont know if I do it very well but I LOVE it - I will be the first and last on the dancefloor BUT I dont like dancing alone so someone usually gets dragged into it :)

5: I love suprises even though Im extreamly nosy - Odd...

6: My son is the greatest person I have ever met.

7: I have ALWAYS wanted to own a LV bag - Hopefully I will be getting one soon :)

8: I get incredibly cranky when I dont eat...

9: Im not a morning person

10: I LOVE gossip and hate being out of the loop!

11: I love trying out new fashion - My husband and friends sometimes look at me like Im a freak but I have to try it - Sometimes its worked and my husband has actually like some of the things I started wearing.

12: I am very impatient - Hate waiting on other people!

13: Would die without my Blackberry!

14: I love to act the fool - I am a complete nutjob and will do anything to get a laugh out of my friends.

15: I am always willing to try new things...To a certain extent!

16: I love really big wine glasses.

17: Im believe 100% in Karma!

18: I love giving advice - I have a ton of advice for so many people but rarely ever put it to good use in my own life.

19: I dont eat tomatoe.

20: Im a crybaby - I cry if someone else cries - Its sort of a domino effect! I cry in movies, series and even reality shoes *cringe*

21: I have wanted a boobjob since I can remember and now recently realised I want a nose job aswell...Sigh...

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